Wondering where you can go in your 5km bubble? This handy map does the hard work for you

Wondering where you can go in your 5km bubble? This handy map does the hard work for you

Words by Talia Rinaldo

With the recent lockdown, you must remain within 5km of your home, unless you need to travel further for permitted work.

Following today’s announcement, all of Victoria is back in lockdown for seven days from 11.59pm tonight.

Under these restrictions, there are just five reasons where you are permitted to leave your home and only when you have to, and that’s for food and supplies, authorised work, care and caregiving, exercise, for up to two hours and with one other person, and when getting vaccinated.

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This new rule means that during the next seven days, residents cannot travel further than 5km from home for anything. You must provide an essential reason to leave your 5km radius and it can only be for the five reasons mentioned above.

For many of us, we have no freaking clue what the parameters of our specific 5km bubble are, which is where this handy map comes in. With 2km from home, you won’t have to Google Maps a bunch of locations to suss out their distance as the map does all the hard work for you.

Created by Irish developer Dave Bolger when movement restrictions were introduced in his home country early last year, 2km from home is a super simple site that’s perfect for Victorians to work out exactly how far 5km is from their homes. Simply pop in your address or give the website permission to see your location and the site will show you a 5km radius from your home location.


Check it out here.


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