Witness ‘wild, apocalyptic’ gothic electronica in this Melbourne church this weekend

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Witness ‘wild, apocalyptic’ gothic electronica in this Melbourne church this weekend

The Omega Point
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The Omega Point have directed an immersive multi-artform opera, composed of a kaleidoscope of haunting electronic music, taking place in a Calton Church of May 27 and 28.

What is the human race racing towards? Commune: A Gothic Eco Opera is coming to Carlton Church of All Nations to tackle that question on both Friday and Saturday night next weekend through two nights of music, dance, lighting design, poetry, bold costumes and theatre.

The organisers are describing the nights as an ‘evocative, dream-like experience’, while the Sydney Opera House’s digital curator, Stu Buchman, went even further calling it “a wild brand of apocalyptic art-music.” You can check out their Insta here for a sense of the visual cornucopia they have in store.

What you need to know

  • Commune: A Gothic Eco Opera is an immersive multi-artform opera
  • It’s happening at Carlton Church of All Nations this weekend
  • It starts at 8pm on both Friday May 27 and Saturday May 28

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The immersive multi-artform opera is being presented by The Omega Point, the concoction of an Australian / Mexican duo: artist and electonic producer Alexandra Moon and multi-instrumentalist Paul Michel Lara (also of psychedelic band Walls and Waves). Their musical ambitions are coupled with the intent to create an experience connecting music to vivid story-telling via multimedia immersion.

Commune has been co-devised by Helen Smith – a physical theatre performer, director and theatre teacher at Trinity College, University of Melbourne, who is heavily influenced by Butoh, a Japanese dance and theatre artform. Also, Bronwen Kamasz, a multi disciplinary artist currently focused on dance improvisation. Both are core members of Environmental Performance Authority, which plays into the Eco Opera’s sustainable focus.

The nights will also feature multi-arts practitioner Gabrielle Leah New, a master of working with textiles, installation, photography, text, video and live / participatory performance to explore themes of identity, relationship to self, other and place, as well as The Lone Mariachi (Alejandro Espino Aldana), a classical guitarist, singer, composer of Mexican origin. Percussionist Alexander Meagher, who you may have seen at the Abbotsford Convent’s recent ANAM Festival, choir director Mark Conroy, and producer Robert Johnson also lead the bill.

While the extensive lineup suggests the multi-disciplinary and immersive nature of the performance, perhaps the most intriguing aspect is the venue. Commune will take place in a vast and spartan Carlton church, dominated by a pipe organ soaring toward the sky, with the organisers expecting a performance that draws its audience together to contemplate the future of the human race. It should be quite the spectacle.

Commune: A Gothic Eco Opera is happening at Carlton Church of All Nations (180 Palmerston St). Full price tickets are $35 and concession $19.50. For bookings and info visit the website here.