Witching Hour to launch spellbinding debut EP at The Leadbeater Hotel

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Witching Hour to launch spellbinding debut EP at The Leadbeater Hotel

Witching Hours

Melbourne emopop up and comer Witching Hour is launching her exceedingly colourful and rockin debut EP at Richmond's Leadbeater Hotel in December.

When they introduced Witching Hour, they said prepare to be spellbound. Well, we were pretty much captured from the general aesthetic, but Witching Hour’s brand of emopop has a rocking tempo backed by strong, versatile vocals and an engaging use of reverb and noisy backing instruments. 

The Melbourne-based emopop artist Witching Hour (a.k.a. Claire Quartz) is taking to the stage at The Leadbeater Hotel in Richmond on Thursday 2 December, to at long last launch her glittering debut EP, Book Of Shadows

What you need to know

  • Witching Hour (a.k.a. Claire Quartz) is an emopop artist from Melbourne
  • She combines strong, versatile vocals with a backing band
  • She’ll be launching her debut EP, Book Of Shadows

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Refusing to be bound by genre, Witching Hour’s debut extended release reveals Quartz’ diverse influences from powerful pop punk through to dark and dreamy synth, with a heartfelt ballad bringing the EP to a lingering, emotional close. The release features references to Quartz’ studies and passion for the occult, from tarot archetypes and spells through to the exploration of one’s light and shadow selves.

Released in late July 2021, just as Melbourne went back into lockdown, Book Of Shadows is a collection of formative, defining experiences, distilled in musical form. Witching Hour’s unique brand of mystical emopop is a mesmerising hybrid of alt pop and pop punk, with a cheeky dash of hardcore added for good measure. She keeps you on your toes with an attention-grabbing sound that spans genres, and will get you grooving while leaving you feeling enchanted and empowered.

Sole member Claire Quartz and her band will be playing ‘Book Of Shadows’ in full, transporting you to a pastel wonderland; a liminal space where magic is in the air and not everything is as it seems. The event is being presented as part of Turning Agency’s ‘Turning Thursdays’ series. 
Come early to catch the luxe tones of Sully, who’ll be enchanting you with a stripped back set, and then let yourself fall into the mesmerising world of power-pop punk angels subcult.
For tix, head to the Leadbeater website here.