White Rabbits : Milk Famous

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White Rabbits : Milk Famous


Milk Famous is the third album from Brooklyn, New York-based sextet White Rabbits. White Rabbits can often create an unusual balance between the engaging and the banal, past releases sometimes feeling as though barely any personality is expressed through their songs.

Milk Famous does manage to create moments of energy and enjoyment, however a frustration with the album is that it is surrounded by a feeling a restraint. Even the more engaging songs feel as though they are being held back. The album artwork of bright colours and paint splashes suggest that White Rabbit have finally let go the inhibitions that plagued the first two albums, however it still fails to completely take off, leaving the album feeling almost muted.

The synthesised shuddering of a piano warping in and out opens the album with Heavy Metal, with Stephen Patterson’s voice sliding in. The almost falsetto nature of his voice creates intrigue, however, this initial moment of fascination drops off by track three, Hold It To The Fire, an unadventurous and bland piano rock song. 

With Temporary, momentum is picked back up again with a insistent drum beat and synthesised organ chiming in sporadically before being joined by a wiry guitar riff. The upbeat pop song shines a moment of personality that is lost on the boring ‘indie rock’ track before. The Day You Won The War ends with –heaven forbid – a tangled mess of rolling drums and sharp, distorted guitar. Another fleeting moment of a raised heartbeat. 

The songs have a pop-capability similar to Deerhunter and Patterson’s voice in moments can be incredibly alluring, but the songs continually feel tethered, as if the band are trying to let it all go. When it comes to committing to it, they fall short.


Best Track: Heavy Metal
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In A Word: Temperate