What would it look like if Miles Davis loved Warhammer?

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What would it look like if Miles Davis loved Warhammer?

Sky Machine

Perth's sci-fi jazz fusion extravagants Sky Machine offer a unique multimedia experience that blends superhuman secret agents, spaceships, jazz and metal.

Sky Machine is a multimedia project from Perth that blends together science fiction, digital art, and jazz fusion.

They fuse elements of rock, funk, jazz and metal music with the purpose of taking the audience on a journey that explores a science fiction world populated by superhuman secret agents, artificially intelligent spaceships, covert
organisations and a looming threat by an otherworldly power.

What you need to know

  • Sky Machine is an eye-catching jazz fusion multimedia project from Perth
  • It brings musical accompaniments into the world of science fiction
  • They’ve now released all four parts of their sci-fi story entitled, The Prologue Series

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Over the course of 2020 to 2021, Sky Machine have been releasing parts of a sci-fi story entitled, The Prologue Series. Each part adds to the lore of Sky Machine and focuses on building a cohesive science fiction world through art, narrative and music.

Each part features a suspenseful written chapter, ethereal artwork and Sky Machine’s versatile musical collaboration.

“What the military found at this crash site that faithful night shattered their sense of reality and challenged the notions of their very existence. We were not alone in the Universe…”

The finale of the series, ‘The Ancient Empire’, has been released recently. It explores the culture of highly advanced aliens from ‘Messier 105, known as ‘The Andraenians’. The music for this part of the series is purposely heavy and ominous to suit the power of ‘The Andraenians’.

The Prologue Series is spilt into four parts. It explores what happens when advanced technology is discovered, reverse engineered, and used to create a new secret breakaway civilisation on Mars called ‘Eridania’.

In 2020, Sky Machine released the first two parts of the series. In 2021, they’ve now released the final two parts of the story. In 2022, they’ll have another huge announcement, so keep an eye out.

You can now read and listen to the entire Prologue Series at www.skymachineperth.com