What is a Shpongle?

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What is a Shpongle?


One of the world’s most renowned psychedelic electronic dance music acts come to Melbourne!

For one show only in a unique live setting at an intimate and historic venue, the full ten-piece ensemble of UK ethereal electronica act Sphongle will perform.

This line-up will include founding members Simon Posford and Raja Ram, together with live vocals, cello, drums, keyboards and ethnic and Eastern instruments that forge their fluid, evocative sound.

They describe their sound as a strange hybrid of electronic manipulation and shamanic midgets with frozen digits squeezing the envelope and crawling through the doors of perception. We might describe it as a thoroughly unique, once-in-a-lifetime live experience that you won’t want to miss the show on Friday January 14 at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre.

Checkout the below live performance of the song DMT: