What could Tame Impala’s mysterious new teaser video possibly mean?

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What could Tame Impala’s mysterious new teaser video possibly mean?

Tame Impala
Photo: Matt Sav

Tell us your secrets.

Call us old fashioned, but sometimes it’s just nice to have an artist put out a message saying, “hey, I’ve got some new music out in a few days”. But no, Kevin Parker (aka Tame Impala) had to drop a mysterious video on his website.

Running for roughly 45 seconds, the video shows what appears to be a bunch of vintage tech including an reel-to-reel player and oscilloscope, snippets of Parker walking around the studio and a quick glimpse of him on the beach.

Video Analysis… Go. from r/TameImpala

Thankfully, the nerds over at the Tame Impala subreddit have come up with a few theories as to what the video could possibly suggest.

Reddit user ComradeThane seems to think the nine presses on the reel-to-reel player indicate Tama Impala’s new album will contain nine tracks. Another user seems to think it could mean nine days until a new album is released.

Looking at the equipment featured in the video, a handful of users speculate that the vintage gear could indicate a throwback to old-school genres. This one could have some merit considering how Tame Impala’s recent single, ‘Patience‘, had a heavy disco element to it.

On the less rational side of things, Reddit user homunculizer wrote “It basically means LP4 will be distributed to all our personal emails at precisely 11:59:59 PM tonight!! Woohoo can’t wait!”.

If only, homunculizer. If only.

Check out the video for yourself on Tama Impala’s website.

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