Weezer : Pacific Daydream

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Weezer : Pacific Daydream


Off the back of 2016’s critically-acclaimed White Album, though, this feels like a misstep. If White was a return to form, Pacific is a step backwards. There are glimpses of greatness here, but as a complete package, it’s lacking.

Opener ‘Mexican Fender’ roars the album into existence with a trademark power-pop Weezer riff. It’s sure to be a fan favourite, along with the more restrained, acoustic-driven ‘QB Blitz’ – reminiscent of the softer moments on their second album, Pinkerton. The chorus on ‘La Mancha Screwjob’ is incredibly infectious; frontman Rivers Cuomo really knows how to pen an earworm.

However, ‘Happy Hour’ and ‘Sweet Mary’ are examples of where Pacific Daydream falters. They’re perfectly fine pop tunes, but they’re also forgettable. The lyricism leaves a lot to be desired too. While ‘Happy Hour’ and ‘Weekend Woman’ are both catchy, the lyrics leave them sounding clichéd.

Pacific Daydream isn’t Weezer’s best album by any means, but it’s certainly not their worst. If nothing else, it makes for some perfect summer listening – just in time for us Aussie fans.