We celebrated 40 years of ‘(I’m) Stranded’ with Ed Kuepper

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We celebrated 40 years of ‘(I’m) Stranded’ with Ed Kuepper


Commencing with what was a chat between friends, Ed Kuepper was joined by Tony Biggs to reminisce and enlighten those present about a distant past, of years in Queensland when it wasn’t the tropical paradise the TV ads make you believe it is. Then, spitting on the artist was a form of adulation and similarly reciprocated by being struck over the head with a guitar, overseas trips and being ostentatious. A candid insight warmed the ears while the wind howled beyond the walls.

The venue was cleared and people scurried off to any shelter they could find before returning in substantially greater number to witness Julitha Ryan do her solo twinkling.

A ‘by request’ show is always fraught with danger, especially if someone requests a song that the artist cannot remember how to play. Luckily, Ed Kuepper is on top of his back catalogue and didn’t seem to lose his way at any point, even after lengthy moments of generous banter with the audience. Burned My Fingers stood proudly alongside explorations of The Way I Made You Feel, Honey Steel’s Gold, Electrical Storm and Lah Di Doh.

Older songs were reinvented to form part of the current Kuepper song cycle. It was hardly surprising that Collapse Board, The Laughing Clowns, Messing With The Kid and Eternally Yours reappeared. Kuepper is a singular talent with layers of sonic intrigue and riveting dissonance. Even a dose of the flu couldn’t undermine a glorious performance before it was back to face the wind and cold.

Highlight: Eternally Yours.

Lowlight: Melbourne in winter.

Crowd favourite: Lah Di Doh.