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Bergy Bandroom

What began as lockdown writing sessions between Natalie and Simeon turned into a project with a life of its own. After releasing two singles as a two-piece, Warataah have grown into a full band whose sound is diverse as the members themselves. The result is music with pop sensibilities combined with left-of-field musical executions and honest storytelling.

After a year of being a band, Warataah are releasing their debut EP, Growing Into.

The EP documents a period of time guided by major life changes and struggles, and the journey to overcome challenges thrown by the world. The genre-blending record sounds contradictory and messy on paper (anyone up for alternative/soul/pop/rock with a dash of drum machines?) but flows naturally as each song contrasts yet compliments the next. The unifying factors are Natalie’s graceful vocals and evocative lyrics and storytelling.

Inspired by the likes of Ngaiire, Jordan Rakei and Matt Corby, Warataah are funky and quirky, yet soulful and honest. Joining them in their celebrations are local legends Amy Flight and Big Cat.