Von Sharp brings passion to the forefront with ‘Save Me (feat. Erin Ezekiel)’

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Von Sharp brings passion to the forefront with ‘Save Me (feat. Erin Ezekiel)’

A throwback to a timeless era of dance - the rave scene of the 90s and early 2000s - Save Me (feat. Erin Ezekiel), the latest track from Von Sharp is out today.

Harnessing passionate romance through Ezekiel’s vocals and the high tempo energy of early euro trance, Save Me (feat. Erin Ezekiel), is the nostalgic track for all your summer playlists. It’s out today, November 4, across most music streaming platforms. 

What you need to know

  • Von Sharp has today released his latest soaring dance track Save Me (feat. Erin Ezekiel)
  • A nostalgic rave track that ushers in memories of dance floors past, it’s a blend of uptempo beats and stunning, powerful vocals from Erin Ezekiel
  • It’s out today, November 4, across streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music

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Breaking into the music scene at the age of 40 after following a more conventional career, Stu Galligan, known musically as Von Sharp, brings a lifetime of music appreciation and knowledge to his musical projects. 


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A longtime lover and participant of the early dance music scene, Von Sharp’s tracks contain all the passion of a nostalgic rave, with Save Me (feat. Erin Ezekiel) showcasing the singer’s powerful, reverberating vocalisations that echo with the fierce intensity of triumph. Exploring the notion of not being prepared to let true love wither, Von Sharp’s latest track soars with undiluted ecstasy. 

Harnessing the energy of Eurobeat and early trance, Von Sharp blends Erin Ezekiel’s powerful vocals with an uptempo dance beat that ushers in memories of summers gone by.

Save Me (feat. Erin Ezekiel) is out today across streaming platforms. Check it out by heading here. 

This article was made in partnership with Stu Galligan