Video Premiere: Benjamin Trillado explores self-doubt in ‘Nuisance’

Video Premiere: Benjamin Trillado explores self-doubt in ‘Nuisance’

Benjamin Trillado
Words by Talia Rinaldo

‘Nuisance’ encapsulates the self-doubt that often comes hand-in-hand with choosing to pursue a career in a creative industry.

On the back of recently released his new single, ‘Nuisance’, Melbourne/Naarm singer-songwriter Benjamin Trillado is back with a moving film clip to accompany the indie-rock, folk-tinged track.

Known for his heart-wrenching lyrics and unapologetic candour, his latest single ‘Nuisance’ takes you on a warm and poignant sonic journey as he touches on the self-doubt you experience when pursuing your artistic passion.

“‘Nuisance’ encapsulates the self-doubt that often comes hand-in-hand with choosing to pursue a career in a creative industry,” Trillado explains.

“It’s a song about second-guessing following your dreams, and not quite being sure whether or not you’re on the right path, or whether your art matters to people as much as it matters to you.”

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A collaboration with Push Records, director Isaiah Cirillo and producer Ziggy Cross, the video clip is just as raw and powerful as the single alone, seeing a dejected Trillado sporting ‘Weary Willie’ clown makeup in a business suit as he performs on stage alone in an empty lavish theatre, facing up to rejection and discouragement in pursuit of his dreams.

“I drew inspiration from Emmett Kelly Jr who created the clown figure “Weary Willie”. The business attire crossed with the clown aesthetics represents society’s pressure to conform to the traditional occupational lifestyle, as opposed to following one’s dreams.”

The narrative is subtly established as Trillado’s bares his soul completely, gripping you tight with careful emotion. Across the clip, he contemplates his path on stage with a guitar and in the stall seats of the theatre holding a single balloon as he regally sings ‘And I wonder if I’m doing it right’.

“The vacancy of the lavish theatre is a setting I am no stranger to. It was the perfect setting in order to communicate how isolating the path of an artist can be.

“The constant battle between my art and sustaining a living is a true reality. The duality of the balloon and guitar symbolises this.”

Equally dejected and easy-listening, this emotionally charged track is filled with witty lyrics, jangly electric guitars and soaring vocals that sees Trillado hone in on his talent for combining the story-telling elements of folk with the gritty angst of indie rock.

It’s a soft and resonating folk piece where Trillado’s wandering yet powerful vocals and delicate guitar work ease the listener into an almost dream state, reminiscent of the likes of Matt Corby, Angie McMahon and Julia Jacklin. Much like these esteemed artists, Trillado isn’t afraid to bring his brand of heart-wrenching folk to the fore, and in doing so has resonated with listeners from across the world, garnered over 700,000 streams across his limited catalogue.

In a time filled with such uncertainty within the industry, ‘Nuisance’ will no doubt hit home for the dream-chasers from all walks of life just trying to get to where they want to be.

Boasting layered instrumentation, cinematic builds and Benjamin’s powerful vocal delivery, this slow-burning, introspective track is well worth adding to your current listening rotation.

Check out the video below.