Video premiere: Anna Cordell’s vibrant new single is an ode to finding pleasure in the little things

Video premiere: Anna Cordell’s vibrant new single is an ode to finding pleasure in the little things


‘The Children’ sees Anna Cordell channelling a bouncier, more upbeat sound than we’ve heard from her before.

The past year or so has been incredibly difficult for the creative community, especially the performing arts. Venues closed up – some never to open again.

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Anna Cordell was no exception, funnelling her creative energy into her clothing label and placing her next musical pursuit on the backburner.

Finally, the clouds have parted and the sunshine is setting in: the sunshine, in this scenario, being Cordell’s new song ‘The Chidlren’ and its accompanying film clip – the latter of which was made in collaboration with Australian illustrator Tara Ainsworth.

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Though currently a stand-alone release, Cordell is strongly hinting there’s a new album in the works. Following on from 2020’s critically acclaimed Nobody Knows Us, the forthcoming album will take a step away from moody, folk songs in favour of bouncier tunes.

‘The Children’ is about finding pleasure in the little things, discarding the materialistic and ambitious lifestyles most of us have nonchalantly fallen into and, instead, grasping at “waves, the flickering of a candle, the stars in the sky“.

The track aims to remind us of our humanity as we wander around in search of happiness and purpose. This song provides the former.

Cordell’s signature husky vocals meet an unexpectedly upbeat instrumental section, paired brilliantly with the vibrant, animated stop motion-style illustrations provided by Ainsworth.

In a critical sense, Ainsworth’s technical skills are clear. However, her interpretation of both the song itself and Cordell’s own personal brand – think ’70s Sibylle Baier and current-day Tim Rogers – shows a deeper understanding between Ainsworth and Cordell than just a single song. As mutual fans, Cordell cites this collaboration as a ‘long time coming’.

It seems as though the floodgates have opened, because Cordell and Ainsworth are already planning a second collab, this time with clothing. Don’t be surprised if you see Cordell hitting the stage in an Ainsworth-illustrated Hillary Clinton power suit over the next few months.

Watch the film clip for ‘The Children’ below. 

‘The Children’ is out now. For more from Anna Cordell, visit her Bandcamp or head to her website