Victorian Government proposes single-use plastic bag ban from November

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Victorian Government proposes single-use plastic bag ban from November

Plastic Bag
Photo: Paul Bence

Say bye to the bag.

The Andrews Victorian Government has introduced legislation that will see the single-use plastic shopping bag gone for good.

If the legislation is successfully passed through parliament, single-use plastic bags will be banned by Friday November 1. The ban will cover all common plastic shopping bags, including biodegradable, degradable and compostable lightweight bags. The ban will not cover grocery barrier bags for fruit, veggies or meat, rubbish bags, bin liners or animal waste bags.

The ban will apply to supermarkets, green grocers, bakeries, pharmacies, clothing retailers, cafes, restaurants, markets, takeaway food outlets and more.

In the meantime, the state government will be working with businesses to make sure they’re ready for when the ban comes into effect. This includes having access to sustainable packaging alternatives that won’t harm the environment.

Victorian environment minister Lily D’Ambrosio said Victorians are overwhelmingly supportive of this idea.

“Plastic pollution is a significant environmental problem – the actions we take now will help ensure Victoria has a clean and bright future,” D’Ambrosio said in a statement.

For more info on the plastic bag ban, head here.