Vegan Style is offering some sweet deals in celebration of World Vegan Day

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Vegan Style is offering some sweet deals in celebration of World Vegan Day

Vegan Style

100 per cent vegan, Vegan Style is at the top of the tree when it comes to sustainable fashion. What inspired you to start a fully vegan company?

We founded Vegan Style in 2010. As a long-term vegan myself, I wanted to make it easier for people to find stylish cruelty-free footwear and accessories, as I felt it wasn’t readily accessible at the time.

Why is it important that we are more mindful of sustainability in fashion?

The fashion industry has a huge impact on the health of our planet. Fast fashion sees an obscene amount of waste and resources consumed. We all need to slow things down, purchase fewer items and invest in quality pieces that last.

What challenges do you face in ensuring your products are vegan?

As it can be difficult for a consumer to know if a fashion piece is actually vegan, everything we carry is 100 per cent vegan. We stock fully vegan brands, which are rigorous to ensure their products are not just animal cruelty-free, but are also made fairly and with a low environmental impact.

Tell us a bit more about what you offer.

Some of our best-selling items are styles from our in-house label, Zette, which aims to offer elegant shoes with a bold and fun twist. Staples like our men’s dress shoes and unisex boots and sneakers are always popular too.

Do you have any upcoming sales in store for World Vegan Day?

Yes! The week leading into World Vegan Day we’re offering free vegan tees/tanks and socks with several of our new Zette styles, and a free traveller clutch on all Tokyo Bags purchases.

Find Vegan Style at 345 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy with more info on their World Vegan Day sales via their website.