Various Artists : Christmas on Death Row

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Various Artists : Christmas on Death Row


Probably one of the highlights of Scary Movie 2 was a brief, though magnificent scene advertising the fictional masterpiece, A Hip Hop Christmas. The anti-hero to the Carey and Buble compilations of the world, the album promised hits like Jingle Balls and All I Want For Christmas Is The Charges Dropped. For those champing at the bit for a real life copy, we’ve uncovered the next best thing.

In 1996, Death Row Records dropped the baddest of Christmas albums, Christmas on Death Row. This is one Christmas gift you certainly won’t want to un-rap. Get it? Danny Boy, 6 Feet Deep, Guess and more hip hop visionaries combined forces to create what is arguably the dopest piece of Christmas cheer you’re likely to get your hands on. Party 4 da Homies by J-Flexx is a clear frontrunner, coupled with the salty, smooth stylings of Christmas In The Ghetto by O.F.T.B. Though the illest of Christmas rhymes goes to none other than Snoop Dogg, for Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto. With lyrics like “Cause the ghetto Santa Claus has sprinkled the hood and now we ballin’/ Livin’ to a new year of better thangs/ Celebrate it with some Champagne, ha ha, check it.” The song totally sleighs, in more ways than one. Christmas on Death Row is perhaps best served with the most potent of eggnog, and a side of Santa’s special brownies.

By Bel Ryan