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What have you been getting up to since we spoke last? One word; Netflix.

What do you love about making music? Everything in the way of actually making music. It’s very satisfying, finishing a song and going “f*ck yeah, that’s what we wanted.” But also, it’s a platform to stand up for what’s right and wrong in the world. From an individual who sends us an email saying our music helped him through a really hard time in his life, to doing fundraisers for animal shelters, our goal is to get out there and do more of that.

How would you describe your sound and how did you come to it? Well its grungy-poppy? Groppy? A few years back we tried to make a new genre name up, and we called it ‘Scrunge’, but it kind of ended up like Gretchen’s “that’s SO fetch” in Mean Girls. Just didn’t happen. Regarding our sound, well, I think we came to it by simply growing up in the ‘90s.

What was the catalyst/turning point for finally kicking things off again? None of us really ever wanted to stop playing together, but we did have our separate stuff to sort out. We kind of left it to ‘fate’, as in, ‘if it’s meant to be, it’ll be’ kinda thing and ended up gravitating back together. Our first rehearsal was like we’d only played the week before, not the week before two years back.

What secrets can you tell us about your second album? It’s sounding delicious. Recording analogue, it seems to work well with our stuff. Each instrument holds its own, nothing’s getting lost in there or drowning in a digital mushed-togetherness. It has this clarity about it.