Electronic: gigs to catch this weekend

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Electronic: gigs to catch this weekend


This Friday April 13, Animals Dancing are hosting a Canadian invasion with RAMZi and D.Tiffany at the John Curtin Hotel. I’ve never really thought of The Curtin as somewhere to hold parties, but there seems to be more and more there lately, and I do recall their upstairs sound system being a monster. Maybe electronic music is giving the old pub a new lease on life. RAMZi explores sounds varying from Balearic to dub to lo-fi synthwave – she calls her music ‘twopikal bounce,’ which is actually quite apt. It’s strangely transfixing stuff. D.Tiffany is – as I mentioned last week – the Vancouver DJ who seems to have a found an affinity with the Melbourne scene. Having recently released an EP co-written and produced with Melbourne producer Roza Terenzi, and seemingly not having left since the Animals Dancing NYE party, D.Tiffany is becoming as much a part of the Melbourne community as locals. And why not, she has incredible taste in beats – exploring the realms of house, jungle and electro, it’s a style that the Melbourne community immediately loved. Backing them up is Kangaroo Skull (live) and Animals Dancing’s Otologic and Andee Frost. Kicks off at 8pm.

Also on Friday, Bunker are hosting Italian stallions of dystopian acid techno Boston 168, performing live at The Sub Club. Sergio Pace and Vincenzo Ferramosca’s meticulous work mixes the traditional techno machines of the last 30 years like the Roland tb303 and tr909 with modern hardware to create a sound that pushes those references to the past to the very edge. The duo hail from Turin which – much like Detroit – was once was home to a large automotive industry, but over the decades the industry crumbled, leaving a sea of abandoned warehouses. And as we all know, abandoned warehouses equal strong techno scene. It’s just the way it is. Local support comes from brothers duo Hyper Binary, PWD and Simon Slieker. Kicks off at 11pm.

Speaking of warehouse raves, on Saturday there’s a big one in a secret location, hosting none other than the extraordinarily popular – but still strangely underground – Luxembourg DJ/producer Solomun. The promoters are promising a city-side warehouse, sitting dormant and derelict for decades with a garden courtyard/second stage area. Solomun’s selections and productions have taken him around the world and earned him residencies in Ibiza and beyond. His Boiler Room set is one of the most popular on YouTube with over 34 million plays. He’s a truly excellent dance-floor conductor.  Backing him up will be locals Boogs, Chiara Kickdrum, Jordan Brando, Adrian Bell, Hyper Binary, Paul Lynch, Dan Bentley, Mitchell Gee, Dean Kay, Swella, Interstellar Fugitives, Market Memories and Cassettes For Kids. Kicks off at 2pm, location ~unknown~.