Two nights of captivating performances: Ajak Kwai and Bhairavi Raman illuminate Winter Voices

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Two nights of captivating performances: Ajak Kwai and Bhairavi Raman illuminate Winter Voices

Footscray Community Arts

As the chill of winter descends upon us, Footscray Community Arts are set to present a musical series that will thaw the coldest of hearts and ignite the spirit of unity.

Winter Voices, part of the Indoor Music Series, is a captivating celebration of local talent, set to enchant audiences with its fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds. This extraordinary event, taking place over two nights in June, will showcase the mesmerising talents of Ajak Kwai and Bhairavi Raman, two beloved figures within the vibrant Footscray community.

Winter Voices 

  • Date: Saturday, June 3, 7-9 pm
  • Featuring: Ajak Kwai
  • Date: Saturday, June 17, 7-9 pm
  • Featuring: Bhairavi Raman

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Winter Voices goes beyond providing soul-stirring music; it invites audiences to immerse themselves further in the warmth of the season by experiencing the groundbreaking exhibition Sekala Niskala. Curated by Footscray Community Arts and featuring works by Project 11 artists Agus Saputra, Kuncir Sathya Viku, Ni Luh Pangestu Widya Sari, Satya Cipta, and Septa Adi, this exhibition pushes the boundaries of conventional art and cultural practices. These artists challenge and redefine the artistic landscape through their innovative techniques and disruptive subject matter.

Ajak Kwai

On the first night, June 3, prepare to be moved by the enchanting voice and inspiring spirit of Ajak Kwai, a renowned South-Sudanese Australian song woman. Ajak’s music is a testament to the power of resilience, hope, and joy, echoing her personal journey from war-torn Sudan to the multicultural embrace of Australia. With a powerful stage presence and messages that champion diversity and inclusivity, Ajak Kwai has earned her place within the Australian music community. Born and raised in the small town of Bor, situated on the Upper Nile in what is now South Sudan, music has always been an integral part of Ajak’s life, serving as a source of strength and expression.

Bhairavi Raman

Then, on Saturday, June 17, the stage will come alive with the mesmerising fusion of Western Classical and South Indian Classical (Carnatic) music brought to you by Bhairavi Raman, an Indian-Australian violinist. Bhairavi’s artistry celebrates her bicultural identity, intertwining two rich musical traditions in a harmonious blend. Accompanied by the immensely talented percussionist Nanthesh Sivarajah, who brings his expertise in both South Indian Classical and Western forms, including instruments like the Mridangam, Kanjira, Ghatam, Morsing, and Drumkit, this duo promises an awe-inspiring performance. Together, they embody a captivating synergy of traditional wisdom, technical mastery, musical audacity, and the authentic voice of Melbourne.

With Winter Voices, Footscray Community Arts Centre offers an opportunity to embrace the beauty of diverse musical expressions while kindling a sense of togetherness within the community. As the melodies fill the air, and perhaps a cup of mulled wine warms your hands, let the soulful performances of Ajak Kwai and Bhairavi Raman transport you to a world where culture, tradition, and contemporary innovation harmonise seamlessly.

Winter Voices at Footscray Community Arts Centre invites you to experience the power of music, cultural exploration, and artistic transcendence. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to embark on a melodic journey that inspires and uplifts you.

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In partnership with Footscray Community Arts