Track-by-Track: Meet Tetrahedra, one of Melbourne’s most inventive bands

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Track-by-Track: Meet Tetrahedra, one of Melbourne’s most inventive bands


In celebration of their brilliant new release, Soma, we asked Tetrahedra to take us through their EP track by track. As committed to mesmerising visuals as they are to sculpting intricate future-pop, the band are set for huge things in 2018. 

Either is about being at the mercy of someone else’s indecisiveness. Knowing you want a certain outcome but having to come to terms with the fact that you are not always in control. Drawing out an emotional process almost on purpose, even though the final result is inevitable.

New Found Love is about a moral dilemma. The dilemma is whether to seek personal retribution against someone who refused to take responsibility for their wrongdoing, but in seeking that retribution an innocent third party suffers emotional collateral damage. So do you seek personal rectitude, knowing it will hurt someone else who doesn’t deserve to be hurt, or do you do nothing, knowing the unresolved issue will linger with you without end?

I Wouldn’t Mind is about the apathetic end to a relationship. It refers to a physical/emotional space that is safe but ultimately restrictive, and the eternal flux between these two states. It’s about growing within the confines of a partnership that doesn’t quite fit, a point of realisation, and the complacency that follows.

Klein is about a specific circumstance of abuse and domestic violence and the long-term effects of those circumstances on an individual. Moreover, it reflects a family member’s individual guilt about how they could have intervened more in that circumstance and the future damage that may have been prevented through that intervention.