TISM are dropping another two albums, including a rare self-titled LP

TISM are dropping another two albums, including a rare self-titled LP

Words by Tom Parker

As well as a 7″ single for Record Store Day 2021.

As much of the music industry went into a slumber in 2020, TISM were just getting fired up. After years of silence, what began in April last year with a live album that suddenly emerged on Spotify, led to a string of announcements from the elusive rockers.

They revealed a record with 100 minutes of total silence and another 7″ single sporting a track written by Malcolm Young, Angus Young and Brian Johnson of AC/DC.

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Now, the band has gone one better, unveiling another three releases – two LPs and a 7″ single. The first album, the self-titled This Is Serious Mum, harks all the way back to 1984 when the band recorded some tracks on cassette, which was largely for the band’s own amusement. A handful were distributed elsewhere – sold at a gig at Melbourne University and sold to a few local indie record stores, among other avenues. The remaining cassettes have become a holy grail for collectors.

On Friday May 21, TISM will be re-releasing a fresh batch of these self-titled cassettes, remastered and sounding better than ever before.

The second long-player the band will release is Punt Road, recorded in 1987 when TISM were preparing the release of ’40 Years – Then Death’, one of the standout tracks from their ensuing debut LP. Not only laying down fresh beats, the band were also gearing up for some upcoming live shows. Also released on Friday May 21, Punt Road is a fly-on-the-wall document of those rehearsals.

Then there’s ‘Mistah Eliot – He Wanker’, set to be released for 2021’s first of two Record Store Day events on Saturday June 12. ‘Mistah Eliot – He Wanker’ came on the heels of TISM’s mammoth debut single, ‘Defecate On My Face’, and was intended to be the band’s follow-up single. Then they got carried away in the studio and recorded a bunch more tracks and released the song as part of a larger release, Form and Meaning Reach Ultimate Communion.

Now, ‘Mistah Eliot – He Wanker’ will get its time in the sun as its own 7″, with a previously-unreleased mix of ‘Kill Yourself Now And Avoid The Rush’ as the B-side.

You can grab the records when they drop via TISM’s website. More info here.