Tilly VW + Sam Cox: Live at Bodriggy

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Tilly VW + Sam Cox: Live at Bodriggy

Bodriggy is excited to welcome Tilly VW to play with her band, as well as a jam session with one of Melbourne’s finest guitarists, Sam Cox.

Tilly VW is an artist who has creativity on tap. Born and bred in Naarm (Melbourne), Tilly VW’s artistry centres itself around the allure of smokey, heavy-lidded downtempo beats and the tenderness of her beating heart – manifested throughout her intimate lyricism and buttery-soft vocals. Influenced by trip-hop pioneers such as Portishead, Massive Attack, and Bjork, Tilly VW combines trip-hop’s humble beginnings which were rooted in 80s post-punk attitudes, with contemporary soundscapes of the Melbourne electronic music scene.

Her post-punk prowess is revealed in her debut single, ‘Criteria Killed the Creative’, a musical declaration encouraging others to embrace their unique expressive spirits, to not shy away from the calling of our intricate inner selves. Whilst Tilly VW’s vocals are delicate, and the cascading, twinkling synths make us feel as though we’ve just walked out from a lavish powder room adorned with pearls and red lipstick: her message is anything but. ‘Criteria Killed the Creative’ is an ethereal anthem which has enough space to hold both the bold and the beautiful, existing as an anti-establishment sermon steeped in whimsy.