This pop-up bar combines science, retro gaming and cocktails

This pop-up bar combines science, retro gaming and cocktails

Add some scientific wonder to your whisky.

If keeping up to date with the latest advances in science isn’t really your cup of tea, perhaps you’d be more inclined over some wine instead.

Taking place at the Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery, BeakerStreet@TMAG is a pop-up science bar that brings together live music, wandering scientists and curious cocktails. The event coincides with National Science Week, held this year between Saturday August 10 and Sunday August 18.

This year’s two-day program includes a retro gaming arcade, hands-on workshops, a science photography exhibition and talks from experts. Scientists from universities around the country will be speaking on working with ancient DNA, genetically engineering coral reefs and a live debate around the statement “only technology will save us from ourselves”. Attendees will also be treated to the Hobart premiere of Push Day, a film that explores the depths of Tasmania’s deepest cave.

BeakerStreet@TMAG is designed to present the wonders of moderns science in a casual setting, so you can learn something new at your leisure. But if you prefer your science on the go, this year’s program also includes a number of new ‘out and about’ events, such as a half-day guided walk inspired by Charles Darwin, a scientific storytelling session, tales from the unforgiving Antarctic at Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum, and a chocolate workshop and tasting session.

BeakerStreet@TMAG heads to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery between Friday August 16 and Saturday August 17. For more information, head to Beaker Street’s website.

Welcome to Beaker Street

It's Friday! Are you ready for knock-off beers with a side of…crickets? Welcome to Beaker Street: Hobart's first pop-up science bar.

Posted by ABC Hobart on Thursday, 9 August 2018