This month’s May-n attraction: The Beast and its massive lineup of talent

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This month’s May-n attraction: The Beast and its massive lineup of talent

Melbourne music
Munted Chunts
Words by Ewen Stewart

The Beast has got an absolutely stacked lineup this month for May mayhem; live music, comedy bites, and real bites that you can eat.

Most nights at The Beast you’ll find something on and it’s always free, so you can just show up and spend your money on good food and beer. On Tuesdays, come in for the always enjoyable Trivia nights, and on the weekends get your hit of live music – something for everyone at The Beast this May.


●      Friday 3rd May

●      With WELL & Outta Spite

High-octane metal outfit Nephalem play music that would make the devil dance in his lair. Your eardrums will be set alight by the explosion of noise coming from Nephalem, and all fire extinguishers have been removed from the building. You will burn; just as Nephalem predicted. Supported on the 3rd of May by WELL and Outta Spite.

AstroVillain plays Star Wars

●      Saturday 4th May

Are you ready to be transported by the acid-jazz of AstroVillain? The vibey, groove-masters are joining us on Star Wars day to play the music of the George Lucas sci-fi metropolis that is, Star Wars. What a combination?! The transcendence of soul, funk and jazz that AstroVillain so effortlessly produces, placed within the renowned (and similarly otherworldly) Star Wars universe.


●      Friday 10th May

●      With BIFF & Persecution Blues

90s inspired grunge punk outfit Snub play with fuzz like it’s a piece of lint they found in their pocket. It’s always been there, but never focused on like this and had every inch squeezed out of it. Your head will bob, shake, bounce and wobble but your expression will be locked, throw away the key. Supported by garage skate outfit BIFF and energetic rockers Persecution Blues.


●      Saturday 11th May

●      With Jake Amy Trio

Nu-jazz 5-piece Malla emit a chaotic soundscape that makes you so lost you have no choice but to continue on their journey, guided through to an unpredictable destination. Combining elements of boom-bap, drum and bass, house and future-jazz music to create a unique live performance that highlights the skills of these extremely talented musicians. Joined on the night by nu-jazz outfit the Jake Amy Trio.

Munted Chunts

●      Friday May 17th

●      With The Rartel

If there was an award for making music that matches your band name perfectly, Munted Chunts would win everytime. In their acceptance speech they would thank their local bartender for a good pour and apologise to their mum for putting holes in her shed when the jam got a bit out of hand. Munted Chunts are a three-piece punk outfit that write regional songs about regional people and regional things. Supported by rock/punk band The Rartel.

Zombie Hunger ‘Zombie Awareness Month’ show

●      Friday 24th May

Are you a craven, bloodthirsty being that feels somewhat outcast in the current society? We’ve got the place for you, 24th May at The Beast, Zombie Hunger are hosting a show to shed light on Zombie Awareness. Heavy metal with crunching breakdowns, squealing guitars and a hunger for zombies – what could go wrong?


●      Saturday 25th May

●      With Stepmother

Psychedelic rock’n’rollers Hydromedusa are gracing The Beast stage on the 25th May. Lock the door behind you and trap yourself into a night of energetic, head-banging music stacked with overdriven bass and guitars, angelic synth-style keys, driving drums and passionately delivered vocals. Supported on the night by punk rockers Stepmother.


●      Friday 31st May

●      With My Safe Word Is Murder & Alarms

Extra fuzz, extra death, extra-terrestrial. Astrofuzz don’t mess about with their take on the heavy gaze/alt doom genre. A wall of sound will hit you like a ton of bricks and the overdriven, reverb-heavy vocals will just float delicately overhead. Ending the month with a BANG, this ones sure to leave you sweaty! Supported by punk outfit My Safe Word Is Murder and post-hardcore group ALARMS.

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