There’s a terrarium workshop taking place in a Richmond pub this month

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There’s a terrarium workshop taking place in a Richmond pub this month

Tipsy Terrarium

Booze and botany collide in this easy to follow, beginner's masterclass in a landmark Richmond pub.

Presented by Melbourne’s own The Plant Whisperer, a creative studio that specialises in plant workshops, is their Tipsy Terrarium Workshop. With all the materials provided for your new terrarium, learn how to create your very own miniature world with expert guidance. With a drink included on arrival, as well as a delectable array of drinks and food available to purchase, get tipsy and creative in this hands-on beginner workshop. It all goes down on August 18 at 7pm, at The National Hotel in Richmond.

What you need to know

  • Organised by The Plant Whisperer, Tipsy Terrarium is a hands-on beginners terrarium making workshop
  • Everything is included – from the glass terrarium vessel to the soil and moss and you get a drink on arrival
  • It takes place on August 18 at The National Hotel

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The Plant Whisperer run a number of regular events from their plant-filled studio, including Kokedama classes, Terrarium classes, Plant Parenthood workshops and more. They’re known for their easy to follow classes presented by experts in their studio space in Brunswick that’s filled with plants. They also run an annual Houseplant Festival, which is coming up later this month on August 21.

Originally called Wardian cases, terrariums were invented by accident in 1842 when an English botanist, Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward was trying to raise moth larvae in a sealed glass jar. When he noticed that the moss and ferns that he had in the glass for the moths were thriving, the first Terrarium was discovered. Ward used terrariums to transport native British pants to Australia, where they thrived in the sealed cases during transport. Terrariums on a smaller scale gained popularity in the Victorian Era and saw a resurgence in popularity in the 1970s.

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