There’s a supermoon lighting up the sky in Melbourne on Friday (and it’s this year’s last)

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There’s a supermoon lighting up the sky in Melbourne on Friday (and it’s this year’s last)

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Alright stargazers, this one’s for you.

It’s been a weird fucking week. Sometimes you’ve got to look at the Moon and decompress.

If you’re at all keen on catching the supermoon, you best grab your friends or partner get out and do it this Friday. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting around until next year. Besides, if we continue to carry on the way we’re doing now – and the summer weather is as bad as we’re predicting – we’ll probably all be extinct by then. Best pop out for a squizz tonight.

What time is the supermoon in Melbourne?

Expert moon boffins are suggesting the best time to bask in its 100% illuminated glory will be roughly 4.57am AEST, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled as your in your Uber home from pre-Grand Final celebrations. It’s slated to be an (unseasonably) warm day, so here’s hoping that there aren’t any clouds around to block our view before the supermoon really kicks into gear.

What is a Harvest Moon in Australia?

The Harvest Moon isn’t just a video game, it refers to the yearly astrological phenomenon that marks the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, typically appearing in late September.

What makes the Harvest Moon truly spectacular is its unique relationship with Earth’s position in its orbit, allowing it to rise shortly after sunset and bathe the night sky in its radiant glow. This timely rise has historically been of utmost importance to farmers, as it extended the hours of natural moonlight, granting them additional time to reap their bountiful harvests during the crucial autumn season.

Supermoon Melbourne 2023

  • July 3: The Buck Moon
  • August 1 to 2: The Sturgeon Moon
  • August 31: The Blue Moon
  • September 29: The Harvest Moon

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