There’s a showcase of culturally diverse artists happening in Northcote next week

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There’s a showcase of culturally diverse artists happening in Northcote next week

Portfolio Project
Pomaa - Photo by Claire Warren

An initiative of The Boîte, the Portfolio Project is an intimate showcase of culturally and linguistically diverse artists.

The first of this gig series is kicking off at the end of the month, taking place on Thursday July 21. Located at Northcote’s Open Studio, the Portfolio Project will see 10 emerging diverse artists taking to the stage over four great gigs.

What you need to know

  • The Boite is putting on a gig with Pratik Saurav, Pomaa & Desmond Masé on the line-up
  • The first of their Suitcase showcases, it takes place on July 21
  • It’s going down in Northcote’s own Open Studio

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Reflective dream pop artist Pomaa will take to the stage at Open Studio. With her music being a mixture of driving alternative rock and waltz-like dream pop, she’s known for her intricately crafted lyrics that spin tales of relationships. Her debut EP Bridge to Somewhere, which is set to be released in 2023, explores reunions of old friends, living in the past, stories around drinking culture and letting go of toxic relationships.


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Joining the line-up is Data & Analytics Leader by week and musician by weekend Pratik Saurav. Bringing storytelling from cultures of the Indian subcontinent, he thrives on what he calls ‘Fusion music’. Constantly experimenting with genres and musical forms, he brings together multiple languages, genres and cultures in his music.

“In this era of TikTok, reels and autotuning for digital reach and commercialization, the real art is suffering,” says Pratik. “I’d gladly take up the responsibility of playing and covering original music from the 90s and 2000s.”

Artist, writer and producer Desmond Masé, he’s known for his boundary-breaking explorations into future punk, dystopian soul, dream pop and trip hop. With an eccentric and eclectic discography, he documents mankind’s destruction through hard hitting lyricism and melody. He his releasing The Outsider Project, a committed project that will see the artist releasing a new track every month over a nine month period.

I am fortunate in the fact that I was able to re-emerge after the emotional learnings of The Outsider Project with a new lease on life, a more determined mindset, and trusted allies onside to help shape the next adventure,” he said.

With tickets going for $10, grab them before they sell out by heading here.