There’s a festival next weekend in Mansfield with yoga, hot-air ballooning, wine, and much more

There’s a festival next weekend in Mansfield with yoga, hot-air ballooning, wine, and much more

Harvest Moon Festival
words by sidonie bird de la coeur

Held at Delatite Wines, the Harvest Moon Festival is a festival with a focus on sustainability that invites guests to recharge and connect with the land.

Next weekend marks the harvest moon – a full moon at the end of harvest – and to celebrate, Delatite Wines is hosting a Harvest Moon Festival. Complete with hot air ballooning, yoga and sustainability tours, the festival explores our relationship with the elements and the role that sustainability plays in our lives.

What you need to know

  • The Harvest Moon Festival is an event celebrating our relationship with the elements and sustainability
  • Featuring hot air ballooning, meditation, farm tours, fine dining, farmers markets and a bonfire night – there’s something for everyone
  • It’s happening next weekend, taking place from May 13 to 15

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Indulge in food and wine at the base of Victoria’s stunning alpine range, while learning about the power of nature and the positive effects of sustainable living at the Harvest Moon Festival. Complete with a Farmers Market, a showcase of speakers, meditation sessions and bonfires, the festival provides attendants with a perspective on open gate farming, sustainable architecture, food sourcing and biodynamics.

“This event is about celebration and enjoyment of our area,” says host and Delatite Wines managing director, David Ritchie.  “We want people to come here, enjoy our beautiful place, learn, have fun and eat and drink well.”

With breathtaking views over Mt Buller and the alpine range, Delatite Wines is the perfect location for this end of harvest festival. A winery committed to implementing the most eco-friendly and sustainable measures into their wine making process, the family-owned estate looks forward to connecting people with the land through the Harvest Moon Festival.

“There is a great groundswell of interest in new farming ideas and approaches to farming, at all levels,” he said. ‘Which puts us in the position of being able to both teach and learn.”

With tickets starting at $20 and less than a week to go, it’s time to book. With tickets set to sell quickly, make sure to secure your spot for this wholesome, enlightening and enriching weekend full of festivities.

For more information on the event schedule and to book your tickets to next weekend’s Harvest Moon Festival, head here.

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