The Wicked Dessert Festival is coming, and it’s bigger than ever before

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The Wicked Dessert Festival is coming, and it’s bigger than ever before


For the past two years, Prahran Market has held the Wicked Chocolate Festival; most people would think that you couldn’t possibly go up from here. However, Prahran Market has somehow defied the laws of the universe and made the best even better – for 2018, you’ll be able to celebrate all things sweet at the Wicked Dessert Festival.

The festival will be chock-full of Prahran Market’s specialty traders of fine gourmet foods, including names such as Wilson & Market, Q Le Baker, Sweet Greek, Paddlewheel, and Fritz Gelato. Stalls will be selling a huge range of goods, with nibblies ranging from homemade pies and donuts to crepes and Middle Eastern sweets – and don’t worry, despite the change of name, chocolate will be available for purchase/binge consumption.

Special guest traders will also arrive to set up shop and sling you some of their finest dishes; expect The Bearded Bakers to whip you up a family recipe in their repurposed shipping container, and Christy Tania of Glace` to serve you tasting flights of desserts from her yellow submarine. If you prefer your dessert with a crisp accompaniment, you can hunt down The Prosecco Queen, who will shower you in dessert cocktails until you can no longer tell the difference between a champagne flute and a shot glass.

Public demonstrations from the likes of Tobie Puttock, Chef Dario, and Christy Tania will grace the Omega & Neil Perry Kitchen with hopes of inspiring visitors to visit Melbourne’s finest patisseries. This event is a family-friendly foodie festival that will unite Melbournians who have an appreciation for the finer things in life.