The 2018 Melbourne Cabaret Festival is back for a ninth year

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The 2018 Melbourne Cabaret Festival is back for a ninth year


From Tuesday 19 June to Sunday 1 July, the annual Melbourne Cabaret Festival will return to Chapel Off Chapel, showcasing up to 10 performances per day, and featuring 20 brand new cabaret shows over the course of the festival. The festival acts as an opportunity for the performers to test their new material before they take it on national and world festival tours, while also giving audiences the opportunity to experience the never-before-seen.

To give you a little taste, here’s the run down of a few of the upcoming shows: Shaken – A James Bond Cabaret tries to unravel the truth and finally figure out which Bond is the greatest of all time; Baby Bi Bi Bi explores the funny and filthy reality of being a bisexual woman; and Fire Walk With Us: The Music of Twin Peaks takes you on a journey back through David Lynch’s most celebrated work.

The festival’s Artistic Director, Dolly Diamond – commonly referred to as the Queen of Cabaret – admits that “the pressure’s on to make this year’s festival even bigger” than 2017’s. That being said, the monster lineup looks as if it will be a sure-fire hit with the anyone who knows anything (or even nothing) about cabaret.