The Vaccines raise the bar for their whole genre in ‘Combat Sports’

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The Vaccines raise the bar for their whole genre in ‘Combat Sports’


UK rock doesn’t get as much airplay in Australia as it did a few years back, but that certainly doesn’t mean the quality of music from there isn’t still brilliant.

Never has that been more clearly shown than in The Vaccines’ fourth record, Combat Sports. Since their 2011 debut What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, the West London band hasn’t put a foot wrong.

This album is wall-to-wall highlights. From the wailing guitars and downtrodden beat of album opener ‘Put It On A T-Shirt’ to infectious woo-woohing lead single ‘I Can’t Quit’, this is the record you should hand to the friend that wants to get into Britpop all over again.

You’ll struggle to find a song as catchy as ‘Your Love Is My Favourite Band’. ‘Maybe (Luck of the Draw)’ is a slower mid-album jaunt, but it feels heartfelt while still being a toe-tapper.

Second single ‘Nightclub’ is a heady rock juggernaut that gets better with every listen. The end of the album is so solid that the songs here could’ve been at the start, and the album would feel just as incredible.

Combat Sports showcases why The Vaccines are one of the UK’s best rock bands.