Live at The Count’s

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Live at The Count’s

The Three Seas is a cross-cultural project that fuses modern Australian jazz with West Bengali folk music, electro-dub and funk to create an uplifting and soulful sonic imprint that radiates onstage and on record.

The remarkable members of The Three Seas were drawn together by a deep love of music, a mutual respect for their distinct and diverse cultural origins and a shared passion for creating songs that resonate universally. When experiencing the band live the audience is transported into their supernatural world.

The Three Seas is led by Australian composer and saxophonist, Matt Keegan (Freedman Fellowship winner, Bell Awards nominee) whose search for new experiences and sounds first drew him to India in 2009. It was in the beautiful town of Santiniketan in West Bengal where the ensemble first met. The unique combination of their distinct cultural backgrounds and instant musical rapport quickly established the energetic and uplifting musical alchemy of The Three Seas.