The Space Beyond The Screen

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The Space Beyond The Screen

Starlings Spatial Sound Collective, in collaboration with SIAL Sound Studios and RMIT University, present an evening of experimental audio visual and pure sound works using the ACMI Cinema 2 surround speaker system. Each artist will present either a quadraphonic, 5.1 sound or audiovisual work featuring surround sound of up to 10 minutes.

Artists have been given carte blanche to create their vision of what the space beyond the screen means to their practice, resulting in a showcase of the diversity and talent present in the Australian sound art and experimental cinema community. The Space Beyond the Screen celebrates Australia’s sound community by presenting a continuum of sound culture with artists at all stages of their careers – from emerging to more established practitioners, recent RMIT alumni and current RMIT School of Design student works. Spatial sound art is underrepresented in Australia’s arts performance landscape, this project provides artists with the space and scope to experiment with multichannel audio at scale.