The Saboteur: An Interactive Game of Trust

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The Saboteur: An Interactive Game of Trust

Five performers are all working hard to put on a good improv show. Well, almost all of them. One of them is trying to sabotage the show without getting caught. Will The Saboteur be unmasked before the evening is ruined?

It’s a reality television show on stage, for fans of Whodunnits and Whose Line alike. It’s devious. It’s hilarious. It’s thrilling. It’s The Saboteur. Good luck.

Fresh from a sold-out season at the New Zealand Comedy Festival, join us for a high-stakes, interactive evening of subterfuge, treachery, backstabbing, and laughs!

Winner: Outstanding Show, New Zealand Improv Festival 2019

Hosted and directed by Jim Fishwick.

Featuring a rotating cast of Amanda Buckley, Brenna Dixon, Dave Massingham, Jaklene Vukasinovic, Jason Geary, Jeromaia Detto, Jim Fishwick, John Marc Desengano, Katherine Weaver, Kieran Boyd, Lliam Amor, Rik Brown, plus more TBC