Steve Hili: The Sexy Environmentalist

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Steve Hili: The Sexy Environmentalist

The Sexy Environmentalist is a high-octane mix of environmentalism and ‘sexiness’ in a last-ditch effort to unite humanity and save the planet!

Time is running out, but (according to Steve) the green movement has its tactics wrong. We’re not going to change the world by making people feel guilty about their life choices. Instead we have to make environmentalism attractive to the masses. And this Sexy Environmentalist is just the man to do it.

Growing up in Malta, the most guilt-ridden Catholic country in the world, Steve rebelled, turning against his upbringing and embracing all things sinful. In the meantime, the climate is in crisis and now, devastation edges ever closer.

Throwing himself into the green movement, Steve realises to his dismay that they are employing the same old ‘guilt’ tactics to try to change people‚Äôs behaviour. And so, armed with the knowledge that guilt doesn’t work, Steve embarks on a new way to save the world. A sexier way.

Combining interactive activism(ish), stories from Steve’s time on the green front and even an intervention from the Stormy Daniels (who, Steve argues, would be a better leader of the green movement than Greta Thunberg), this filthy but heartfelt hour will be the most important show you’ll see this year!

Steve Hili is a fun, high-energy Mediterranean smart-arse, merging his sunny island roots with his cheeky London wit.

An award-winning comedian, comedy writer, actor and broadcaster, Steve has appeared on and/or written for, Discovery, Sky, BBC Radio 4, SBS (Melbourne), Colourful Radio, Capital Radio and XFM. He has also appeared in the award-winning movie Toy Box Killers and with Danny Trejo in the film Courier To Paradise.

He has written and directed numerous plays including Romeo and Juliet 2 (and a Zombie), Adam and Eve (and Kevin) and How to be a Londoner in an Hour. His first book, State of the Nation, was released in 2016.