The Rubens played a dreamy set at the Forum

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The Rubens played a dreamy set at the Forum


The energy was sizzling as Kira Puru’s bold stage presence showcased her fearless attitude and raw talent. The entire crowd were enjoying themselves, giddy with excitement as Joyride amped up the fun with his charismatic nature and catchy hip hop tunes. He created an atmosphere that allowed The Rubens to jump onstage and seize the crowd at its peak. 

The Rubens decided to start off simple but sweet; the stage was dark except for some dimly glowing lights, capturing the dreamy reverie of the acoustics and frontman Sam Margin’s soulful vocals. As the momentum steadily built, the stage became electrified with vibrant lights, and the crowd roared with delight. ‘Cut Me Loose’ threw everybody into a frenzy, as the band projected wonderful indie-rock vibes, flavoured with sultry grooves. Sam eagerly joined the crowd, singing and dancing with everybody – nobody could tear their eyes off him. The band blasted through popular hit ‘Hallelujah’, their guitars blazing as everybody sang along.

It was awesome to see the band show their appreciation for their fans; Sam spoke fondly about how he wanted everybody to break down their barriers and have fun, because that’s what the band is all about. This resonated brilliantly with his audience; they all cheered him on and waved their hands wildly in the air in an eager attempt to draw his attention. His charming persona complemented his passionate vocals, and the rest of the band enhanced his stage presence. They had everybody brooding over ‘Bitter End’, and then yanked them out of their trances with their funky cover of Chance the Rapper’s ‘Same Drugs’.

The Rubens invited Kira Puru back onstage to sing a duet, their powerful vocals coordinating together beautifully. The entire venue was entranced, but they were once again shaken up by Joyride also jumping onstage to rock out with the band. It was infectious to view The Rubens having fun with other people; Sam and Joyride even invited an audience member onstage to dance with them – she looked like she was having the time of her life.  

‘One Million’ was another hit of the night, as Sam delivered his smooth vocals and the rest of the band delivered a brilliant performance. They concluded with ‘Hoops’, and the entire venue echoed with people singing along to the lyrics. The lively enthusiasm of the crowd made the venue feel like it was heaving, and it was a contagious energy that kept everyone dancing for the entire set.

Highlight: Sam and Puru singing their duet together, it was sugary sweet.

Lowlight: More people should’ve come; they missed out on a great performance.

Crowd Favourite: ‘Hoops’ and ‘Same Drugs’.