The Peep Tempel vs Sheriff

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The Peep Tempel vs Sheriff


The Peep Tempel question Sheriff:

So, what are you wearing?

Jocks that I received free from a local bottle shop promotion and a vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirt.

You guys recently toured Tasmania, did you meet David Boon? Boony strikes me as a Sheriff fanatic.

Unfortunately we did not run into Boony this time however he did send his regards. Boony LOVES a bit of Sheriff.  Sometimes rock bands get a lot of girls attending their shows. Most of the time Sheriff’s audience mainly consists of older gentlemen with impressive facial hair. We’re cool with that.

You guys have an album in the works, when will this beast be unleashed? Will there be a sequel to Simon Young? At the end of the first one Simon marries band member Tom, and then it ends, maybe the sequel could start with Tom giving birth to an SG on the family warship?

If all goes well we’ll be unleashing our debut long player on your ass later this year. That does sound like an incredible idea! There may very well be a sequel to Simon Young but we can’t reveal anything just yet. When the time comes we’ll do our best to incorporate your idea sir.


So this is your first show in Melbourne this year, a rather big one. What can be expected from the mighty Sheriff as they bring “How ya garn, yeah not bad” to its explosive end?

A bag load of shenanigans! By the time we play we will have been in that band room for almost 12 hours. With all the excitement of so many killer acts playing before us we may find it difficult to contain ourselves. Anything could happen. We’ll be debuting a couple of new Sheriff tunes too.      

Among the lineup for “How ya garn” are there any secret gems that people should know about, and who are you guys looking forward to seeing?

We’re looking forward to every single act on the bill. Have you seen the lineup? It’s fucking incredible! People should be there from the beginning to catch all acts but if you want in on a few little secrets, make sure you check out Made For Chickens By Robots. He’s a half man, half chicken who plays weird one man band lo-fi cartoon blues. You should also catch Japanese blues legend George Kamikawa. While you’re at it don’t miss Leopard Slugg, Spacejunk, Tom Dockray, Cotangent, Rattlin’ Bones Blackwood, Seedy Jeezus, The Strange, The Little Sisters, Skyscraper Stan, Kaleidoscope, I Am Duckeye, Legends Of Motorsport, Batpiss, Sun God Replica, Sheriff and of course you blokes. It’s gonna be one hell of a hootenanny! 

Sheriff question The Peep Tempel:

Are you pumped for ‘How Ya Garn? Yeah Not Bad!’ music festival? It’s going to be a fucking corker of a day. It’s you’re first Melbourne show for a while. Looking forward to seeing you blokes again!

We sure are! Can’t wait to get back into it and what better way to kick off 2014 than playing a show with some of the best bands in the country.

We heard there is a new Peep Tempel album on the cards. You beauty! When can we expect that?

We’re heading into the studio early April to lay it down and looking to drop it in the second half of the year.

You did a European tour a while back. Shit we’d love to do that one day! How do European audiences differ from Australian audiences?

You’ll love it! European audiences didn’t yell “CUNTS” at us as much. 

Are there any bands in particular that you’re looking forward to seeing at ‘How Ya Garn? Yeah Not Bad!’?

Well Sheriff of course, Legends of Motorsport, Sun God Replica, Batpiss, Spacejunk and that’s just off the top of my head. So many great bands. Also looking forward to checking out the bands we don’t know too much about, it’s always nice to be surprised by what Melbourne bands have up their sleeves.

Pulling any surprises out of the hat for your set at ‘How Ya Garn’?

If we tell you then it wouldn’t be a surprise would it? But, we may pull out some new songs off our forthcoming record, that’s if people wanna hear ’em.

Can you further stress to the readers the importance of attending ‘How Ya Garn? Yeah Not Bad!’ this weekend and give them an extra reason why they’d be mad to be anywhere else?

An entire day of bands, booze & bloody good times for $20, ya can’t get that anywhere else. See ya there!