The Peep Tempel : The Peep Tempel

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The Peep Tempel : The Peep Tempel


The bastard child of garage, proto punk, and restless rock‘n’roll has come to force you off your seat and straight to dance floor. The Peep Tempel’s debut self-titled album is assertively brash, sinister and insistently rocking at the same time. Filled with inventive guitar work and capricious melodies, the Peep Tempel’s debut release is unflinching in its desire to get your attention.

Opener Lance starts with a fierce guitar riff and pounding drums creating a propulsive energy akin to that of Hot Snakes that pushes the song along in an urgent and unrelenting manner. Collusion continues on a similar vein, anxiety-ridden rock with lines like ‘It’s cold in the middle’ delivered in a harsh and manic manner.

Mission Floyd backs off in speed but not in intensity, it’s warped trash garage blues still persuasive as ever. The vocal delivery at times in the song (and throughout the album) has touches of Mclusky/FOTL front man Andy ‘Falco’ Falkous. There are even similarities in the style of writing. “I have been very fair to you Floyd, though my rules you will not heed/ That you understand fully that I am the man is one of our organisation’s simple needs” sings lead vocalist Blake Scott in the aforementioned track.

Howlin’ Belle displays more pop leanings but is still angular in nature and rugged in feel. Staccato guitar stabs make Thank You Machiavelli a real garage shaker complete with a furiously hollered chorus “How on earth did you get so pretty/ A pretty face on a bloody afternoon.” People Don’t Get You and Do What You Want To lack the urgency of some of the previous tracks, but their melodies are just as engaging and allow the listener to sit back and absorb the songs. Down At The Peep Tempel, an insight into the bands namesake (24-hour brothel perhaps?) brings the album back up to speed, a chaotic guitar lick leading the way accompanied by some biting commentary on ‘sins of the flesh’.

A razor sharp debut from an exciting Melbourne band ­– filled with frantic energy, spiky riffage and rife with dark cynicism.



Best Track: Collusion

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In A Word: Adrenaline-charged