The Ocean Party : Beauty Point

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The Ocean Party : Beauty Point


Dropping seven albums over the past seven years, Beauty Point is the latest offering from The Ocean Party, a hazy foray into some kind of wonderful ambivalence.The beauty of The Ocean Party having such a voracious writing regime means each album subtly explores new writing styles, musical ideas and production tricks. Beauty Point is no exception, dripping with a ‘80s Australiana sound with three guitars chorusing across the album – each track dreamy yet succinct.

A sombre opening is pepped up by second track Dust Clears, the production giving the sparsity that’s iconic of ‘80s pop, the synth definitely driving that impression further. Some of the later synth is a laconic presence, sometimes it’s just jangling away – regardless, it’s never unwelcome.

Following stand-out centre point Quality Control, the tracks slowly pick up in energy. Throughout we hear a sincerity and struggle of 20-somethings making their way through life, a suburban nightmare looming over their futures.

It’s not an album that’s strayed in any huge ways from the sound we’ve come to love from The Ocean Party, and there’s nothing unexpected or boundary breaking. But sometimes a good time is all you need to bring to the party – this pensive, dreamy listen is definitely that.