The Mouse

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The Mouse


What’s the central premise of your show? Inspired by the myths behind the modern psychopath, The Mouse is a thriller that follows two sisters who reunite at the family home following the death of their mother, where shocking revelations emerge surrounding their inheritance.

What does your show say about society today? How ruled we are by money, and how wealth in times of need takes on an almost tangible emotional power. The Mouse is also a commentary on our inability to escape our pasts and our family – no matter where we go, or who we try to become, we remain fundamentally linked to them.

What was the creative process like putting the show together? I’ve had the great fortune of working with an incredible director and cast. I’ve also been trading tips with all-round legends Picked Last For Sport (who are performing Creatures Of The Deep) so I feel like I’ve been incredibly well supported through the whole creative process.

How does your show play with convention? We decided to perform the entire show with only three characters, and when they interact with outsiders the audience can neither see nor hear what is being said by them. It really adds to the sense of mystery and suspense while allowing the audience to fill in the gaps in the story.

What do you love about performing? I love working with people who are dedicated and passionate about creating something new. Everyone has so many ideas to bring to the table and there’s an energy that’s really exciting to be a part of.