The Fox’s burgers are bringing back curry night

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The Fox’s burgers are bringing back curry night


What have The Fox been up to? We’ve been maintaining our old school charms. Our pub is designed to make everyone feel right at home regardless of where you’re from. Our kitchen is open every night of the week and we always welcome group bookings.

What is your most popular burger? That’s an easy tie between our beef burger and our mushroom (for the vegos and vegans). But I‘d say the mushroom burger because no one does one like us.

What burger do you wish people would order more? The special burgers we put out weekly that play with old favourites and try out new meaty or veg creations. 

What is the secret to a good burger? Good fresh produce fresh of the grill, stacked with extra homemade sauces eg: relishes. Cheese: lots of cheese, vegan cheese if that’s what you like and no cheese if that’s your thing too. 

Could you give us some exciting news The Fox would like to tell our Beat community? Curry night will be back for the coming cold winter Wednesday nights! Also, our vegetarian menu can be made vegan and we use all locally sourced produce and free range when available.