The Fence

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The Fence

Shortlisted for the 2022 Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Award, The Fence, written by acclaimed playwright Fleur Murphy (Nothing, Hearth), will be showing at the Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre as part of Darebin Arts Speakeasy from 9 – 20 August.

In the quiet streets of an ordinary suburb, the fence between two neighbouring houses comes down. Where there was once a clear separation between one house and the couple next door, now only a dirt line and human decency keeps prying eyes out of each other’s backyards.

The Fence tells the story of a woman who battles with the decision to interfere with her neighbours’ lives after hearing distressing noises late at night. When she realises a baby has been brought into the home, she is brought to her knees by uncertainty. Should she say something? Is it her place to get involved? The Fence encourages audiences to question: ‘When is it appropriate to take action?’

In this scintillating new solo work performed by Louisa Mignone (Wentworth, Anna K, The Twelve), Murphy explores bravery, privacy and encourages audiences to continue the ongoing conversations and advocacy surrounding the support of victim survivors.