Monster High

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Monster High

Hamer Hall

Step into the extraordinary world of Monster High and join an epic interactive adventure!

Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind interactive theatre experience where you, the incredible audience/player, collectively shape the life of a supernatural high school. Discover your supernatural powers as you journey through alongside Teen Queens, Werewolves, Jocks, Vampires and whatever else the supernatural world conjures.

Picture yourself in the midst of it all – from running for student council to choosing sides in thrilling friendship dramas. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, what do you see? The power is in your hands to craft an unforgettable high school experience filled with twists, turns and monstrous surprises!

You are invited to play Monster High multiple times, providing valuable feedback to Infinity Ensemble as they refine and develop this thrilling experience for future presentations.

Monster High is delivered by Infinity Ensemble, a dynamic group of young artists from diverse backgrounds collaborating with their visionary director, Jackson Castiglione. Together they are dedicated to creating cutting-edge performances that delve into the interests of today’s youth and the evolving world of immersive and live action role playing games.

About Infinity Ensemble

Infinity is a group of artists aged 12 to 23 from across Victoria whose work has been performed at RISING Festival and Hong Kong Arts Festival. The ensemble is made up of six young people who work with director Jackson Castiglione. Infinity makes performances and screen content that help to make sense of the cultural and political shifts we are all negotiating.