The Eternal : Under A New Sun

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The Eternal : Under A New Sun


The Eternal once again taking their sound into new territory

Following on from their highly successful Kartika album from 2008, Melbourne based outfit The Eternal are back with their eagerly anticipated fourth effort Under A New Sun. As expected, Under A New Sun sees The Eternal once again taking their sound into new territory, with co-producer Jeff Martin (ex-The Tea Party/The Armada) helping the band to broaden the sound that was previously only hinted at.

Control is quick to announce something new from the band, with the song’s heavier and darker vibe on vocal front marking a real departure in sound from what you would normally expect from the band, which helps give the album a solid starting point.

The title track sees the band fully embracing the classic rock sound of their former album and taking it to a whole realm. Martin’s influences on the track are undeniable in terms of the production and in Mark Kelson’s vocals, but the lush multi-layered backing vocals and the middle-eastern sounding keyboards/mellotron help give the song enough character to stand out on its own.

The slower paced Delirium & Desire and Despondency are perhaps a little more traditional sounding from The Eternal, while Nothing Remains Without Us seems to shift between a sound that is part The Tea Party and part the band themselves, resulting in a song that’s good, if a little confused at the same time. Eclipse and the epic Cast In Stone on the other hand are dark and aggressive tunes. Of course, Martin himself makes a guest vocal appearance on the semi-acoustic ballad-like-tune The Sleeper, which sounds exactly as you would expect from a collaboration between the two.

Despite its simplicity and general sparseness of sound, A Thousand Shades Of You is a definite highlight from the latter half of the album, while the straightforward rock drive of Collapse and the atmospheric and progressive Departure are absolute classics.

What was only hinted at on Kartika, The Eternal have mastered on Under A New Sun. The band’s latest effort is by far their most diverse and varied sounding release to date, and easily their most accomplished piece of work yet.

Best Track: Collapse

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In A Word: Accomplished.

Label : Sombre Light Music/Green Distribution