The Channel – a space for developing Melbourne artists to learn their craft – announces major new program

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The Channel – a space for developing Melbourne artists to learn their craft – announces major new program

Words by Sam Beros

The Channel has long been a space for developing Australian artists to get their feet off the ground and learn more about their craft, and with the recent launch of public program PLAY, a whole new set of opportunities are now available for new and established creatives.

Over the course of the past eight years, the organisation has worked in tandem with a variety of high-profile artists (Alice Ivy, Yve Blake, Kram) to create programs that help creators finetune their skills and get the mentorship they need. Bringing these experiences together, PLAY provides a variety of broad-ranged opportunities to learn from Victoria’s best.

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The program offers guidance in a variety of fields: creators interested in music, theatre, magic, dance and comedy are all welcome. The program aims to bring freedom of expression that will benefit those just starting out, as well as more accomplished artists.

Zoe Rinkel, the senior producer of the project, had this to say: “The Channel aims to give creative people a community, a language by which to communicate complex feelings and ideas, and the confidence to take risks and be themselves. It also contributes to the building of a healthy future for a dynamic, exciting, inclusive and diverse arts sector.”

Some of what’s on offer for budding creatives include an Ableton Live mentorship group, a comedy special blending new and established talent, and an interactive exploration of the history of Melbourne Street dance.

Participants will gain access to state-of-the-art digital learning labs, as well as a full recording studio and performance area. Those involved will be able to learn how to get the most out of these spaces – a welcome opportunity for creative children and youth to truly delve into their talents.

For those that want to dip their toe in and see what it’s all about, The Channel are hosting an Open Day on April 26, in which a panel of speakers will share their experiences in collaboration with the PLAY program.

You can find out more about The Channel on its official website.