The Book of Divergence: The Choose Your Own Adventure DJ Performance

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The Book of Divergence: The Choose Your Own Adventure DJ Performance

Choose your Dancing Destiny

Fresh from an electrifying performance at Questival in Kryal Castle, Matt Frequencies brings The Book of Divergence to Fringe Common Rooms for two days only on the 30th of June and 28th of July, 2024, at 1pm!

“A creative set that speaks a story of human possibility and potential!” – Bethany

When Father Mathew, DJ of order, invited Brother Seth, DJ of Chaos, to his regular Sunday dance sermon at the Church of Bass, he wasn’t bargaining on his back-to-back techno journey becoming a breakbeat frenzy afflicted by the power of The Glitch, a menacing figure with a dark history…

In a song selection crossing elements of Evangelion, Sonic Frontiers, Pendulum, The Prodigy, Tiesto, Scooter, Mick Gordon and more, the sermon takes a calm Church of Bass and turns it into a Chapel of Chaos!

With the DJs competing on the stage, the choice comes down to the audience on who they will support – who will be consigned to purgatory – and who will be the one to lead the crowd to the emotional finale? With many endings and plenty of secrets, this is one adventure you’ll want to experience multiple times to understand the full story!

Those who wish to become adherents of The Book of Divergence can claim The Artefact, a keychain with collectible inserts gathered by seeing each ending. Possession of The Artefact grants additional influence over the outcome of each show, among other benefits…

“It’s like D&D meets Goosebumps meets Pendulum and Tenacious D” – Matthew

“As a connoisseur of Drum and Bass it was an absolutely sensational evening.” Ben – Questival Patron

The afternoon also features a short story from the incredible local talent of DV5K (30th June) or Kaizo_Trap (28th July), the afternoon is sure to bring surprises to everyone in the room – including the DJs!

Come discover The Book of Divergence and dance in on a sermon at the Church of Bass – the power is in your hands…

Tickets are available for $15+ per session, or those who wish to commit to the journey and explore more of the story can buy a two show pass for $25 – tickets can be purchased here. Doors open at 12:45 for a 1pm start, there will be a 30 minute supporting short story from an invited guest DJ before the main show.