The Boîte presents Suitcase 5: Leticia, Jun Parker, Tariro & Sepi, Mohsen

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The Boîte presents Suitcase 5: Leticia, Jun Parker, Tariro & Sepi, Mohsen

Join us for this event at Brunswick Artists’ Bar for the 5th and final(!!) show of the The Boites Suitcase series before all 15 artists from The Boite’s professional development program, ‘The Portfolio Project’ perform on July 16 at Fitzroy Town Hall as part of Leaps and Bounds Music Festival.
Performing on this night will be up and coming indie pop artist; Leticia Keane, Japanese city pop artist; Jun Parker, 5 piece neo-soul and r&b group Tariro and Iranian duo; Zemzemeh performing songs in multiple languages.

Tickets are limited, so grab yours now! Free entry for Aboriginal and First Nations peoples.

About the artists

Leticia Keane
Leticia is an up and coming indie fusion pop artist who has a deep passion for lyric interpretation and finding creative ways of telling thought provoking stories. Leticia’s hope is to deliver powerful emotive messages that resonate deeply with listeners.

Jun Parker
Jun Parker a neo city pop artist based in Portland in South West Victoria. Infusing elements of Japanese 70’s and 80’s City Pop vibe and sentimentalities, his lyrical world of love, philosophy and dreamscapes elevates the listeners to a whole new universe. That sense of ‘funky nostalgia’ inhabits the rhythmic core of all of us. So let’s get the beat going.

Tariro is a neo soul and R&B girl group that formed in the year 2023. The group consists of Vimbai Shammah and Chi who are talented and dynamic artists who are passionate about creating music that connects with their audience on a deep emotional level.
Inspired by the likes of Beyoncé, Sabrina Claudia, Jasmin Sullivan, Ari Lennox, and many other powerhouse vocalists and artists in the industry, Tariros music encompasses a unique blend of soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that speak to the heart of their listeners.
Tariros music is all about empowering their fans and encouraging them to embrace their inner strength and individuality.

Zemzemeh was formed in 2022, consisting of two talented musicians; Sepideh on vocals and Mohsen on guitar and piano. With over 10 years of experience in the music industry, they have honed their skills and created a unique sound that blends different genres and styles.
The band’s purpose is to use music as a tool to eliminate geographical boundaries and bring people together from different cultures and backgrounds. Zemzemeh achieves this by performing in various languages, showcasing the beauty of different cultures through music.
Their upcoming performance on May 24th promises to be a magical experience for the audience, with performances in French, Arabic, Azerbaijani (Folk song), Persian, and Turkish languages. The band has carefully selected popular songs from each language, ensuring a captivating and diverse performance.