Brunswick Artists’ Bar


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Brunswick Artists’ Bar

Brunswick, VIC

Photo by Nicole Cleary

Throw a rock down Sydney Road and you’ll hit some kind of artist (after it bounces off like five DJs).

Live music: is front and centre at the Brunswick Artists’ bar. Really, the stage is in the middle of the room. Shows are almost always free, which makes it an excellent place to catch an exciting up-and-coming act on a beer budget.

Famous for: being an extremely chill and laid-back hangout spot for cocktails, bands and a satisfying pub-style feed.

Infamous for: sometimes getting overshadowed by its bigger, louder older sibling, the Brunswick Ballroom (just up the stairs). But with a charm that’s all its own, the Artists’ Bar is not to be underestimated.

If you’re looking for a place to catch a gig or an art show and mingle with like-minded creative folk, the Brunswick Artists’ Bar is always there for you.

It’s a humble place. No stuffy pretentiousness; just good old fashioned fun. With live music on the stage and local art on the walls, it is a true celebration of the culture of Brunswick. Pair that with Melbourne-made beer and spirits behind the bar and you really can’t go wrong. The intimate interior and plush seating makes it an all-too-easy place to waste the hours away, plus, word on the street is on the weekends in the wee hours, the aforementioned stage makes for a pretty sweet drunken dance floor, with throwbacks and classics blasting out of the sound system. Sneak outside for a beer or a dart, and you’ll be in the prime position for people watching on the sidewalks of Brunny.

The Artists’ Bar is also a great spot to grab a meal before a show at the Ballroom, especially if you prefer eating in a more laid back environment. The menu is full of all the pub food regulars, as well as a few multi-cultural surprises. Equal parts casual and classy, this hotspot is sure to win you over.