The best course to kickstart your screen and media career

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The best course to kickstart your screen and media career

Brand new to SAE Creative Media Institute Melbourne, the innovative Diploma of Screen and Media provides training in animation, design, audio, film, games and music production.

It’s the best that SAE has to offer, all in one course. The program gives students the opportunity to explore the multifaceted creative media industry through diverse technical practices.

Students will gain production training in a practical, hands-on environment and enhance skills and job prospects by developing a broad range of skills in a multidisciplinary environment.

This seven-month course will provide an opportunity to become a digital-savvy professional within the creative industries. Developed with the changing job market in mind, this course offers students extensive applied learning in software and workflow management.

Students will engage in a collaborative, simulated work environment to produce a creative media production and be guided through project management methods to bring concepts to life.

SAE Melbourne Campus Manager Keiran Bartlett says he is excited to be offering a course that will allow SAE to mentor those students who want to get a broader foundation in creative media.

“Through this course, we’re able to help students to gain a wider base of expertise and I see this as an opportunity to further support the next generation of creative media students for both the local and international industries,” he says.

As a Diploma of Screen and Media student you will learn:

Creative Industry Studies

You will develop your knowledge of the creative media industry through investigating employment opportunities, industry trends, industry structure, and technology.

Animation Practice

You will be introduced to 3D modeling through which you will explore 3D geometry, 3D production processes and using reference materials. In addition to 3D modeling, you will also be introduced to developing creative concepts for animation and visual effects through incorporating elements of design.

Audio Practice

You will explore concepts of recording studio environments, audio recording methods and operating Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). In addition to audio recording, you will also be introduced to audio editing and mixing.

Design Practice

You will develop and iterate designs by incorporating design principles and elements. You will consider the role of design as a form of problem-solving and be introduced to print design and user experience design.

Film Practice

You will learn through practical tasks that involve video editing and creating title sequences. You will be introduced to storytelling through practical tasks such as generating ideas for the screen, writing storylines and treatments by incorporating narrative development.

Games Practice

This module develops students’ understanding of the games industry through developing and testing game concepts that incorporate the principles of games design. In order to design and create games, you need to be able to understand game design and how this translates to the player experience.

Music Practice

In this module you are exposed to the tools within production software, including learning to sequence a production, processing techniques to create unique sounds and sound effects, and the basics of music theory to understand structure and arrangement. Mixing techniques specific to electronic music are also covered for achieving a balanced sound mix.

Creative Media Project

You will engage in a collaborative work-simulated learning environment to produce a creative media product under client direction and in response to a brief. You will be guided through your exploration of production methods needed to pitch effective creative concepts to potential producers.

Enrolments for February 2020 are now open. You can learn more about the Diploma of Screen and Media and our other programs at the SAE Melbourne Info Night on Thursday November 28, 6-8pm. Visit for more information and to register your attendance.