The best bars and pubs in Prahran: Chapel Street, High St and more

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The best bars and pubs in Prahran: Chapel Street, High St and more

Prahran bars and pubs
Words by Benjamin Lamb

Here's our list of the best pubs and bars in Prahran, so you can go grab a beer, enjoy a wine, down some pub food or catch some live music in Melbourne’s nightlife hotspot.

In our comprehensive guide to the best Prahran pubs and bars, we’ve packed in some old favourites, post-covid newbies, and some hidden gems that you probably didn’t know about.

There’s something for all types of bar-goers, whether you’re pro-beer or cocktail, live music or DJ, and of course lots of pubs where you can enjoy a parma and some more classic pub meals. If you’re thinking your favourite spot’s missing, ensure it’s not in our best pubs and bars guide of Windsor.

Check out some info about all the spots below, book in a visit, and maybe even find your new favourite local haunt. If you’re keen to check out some of our other guides to Melbourne’s best watering holes, check out our list of the best bars and pubs in Brunswick.

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Chapel St

Electric Bar

– Address: Unit 1/265-267 Chapel St
– Vibe: Modern bar with a New York feeling.
– Live music: DJ’s
– Dedicated menu: Cocktails and alcohol

Walking into the Electric Bar is like entering a different world. Each visit here will unearth something new and exciting, this spot will end up being one of your new favourites.

Their laid-back orange interior is like something out of a New York jazz club, you’ll feel like you’re somewhere overseas while enjoying some of their signature cocktails.

Some of their most popular drinks include one called the Golden Cadillac; which has Joseph Catron cacao, Galliano L’Autentico, Liquor 43, and it’s topped off with orange juice and whipped cream. This is just one of the many tasty cocktails they offer, check out more of their cocktails here. Their staff are some of Melbourne’s best too – experts in the world of mixology, so you know you’ll be getting some high-quality drinks.

Check out some more info about Electric bar over on their website here.

Naughty Nancy’s

– Address: 190 Chapel St
– Vibe: Laid back with a New York vibe
– Live music: All types, something for everyone
– Dedicated menu: Classics

One of the finest cocktail bars in Melbourne, Naughty Nancy’s is a beautiful two-story spot that is the epitome of contemporary Melbourne.

As is the case with all good restaurants, less is more, something that Naughty Nancy’s definitely takes to heart – they’ve only got a few options on their menu; Parma’s, cheeseburgers, steaks, a couple of pizzas, and not really a lot more. So you know they’ll be able to offer some well-cooked stuff.

On the drinks side, they are also experts in the cocktail world, their menu has pages upon pages of different types of Martinis; like Vodka, lychee or choc, Sours like Gin, Whiskey or Aperol, and a lot more than can be checked out here.

Blue Bar

– Address: 330 Chapel St
– Vibe: DJ Bar with a club vibe
– Live music: DJ’s
– Dedicated menu: Drinks

One of the best spots for up-and-coming DJs, Blue Bar is a spot that’s definitely worth checking out.

According to their website, the Blue Bar is keen on providing four things; party, R&B, drinks and hip hop. You’ll be able to enjoy some of Melbourne’s best DJs spinning old school tracks; and all while enjoying a nice drink, it sounds like a great way to spend the night out. Blue Bar does have a bit of a club vibe though, so this won’t be for everyone.

Jane Doe Bar

– Address: 219 Chapel St
– Vibe: Laid back with an old school feeling
– Live music: DJs
– Outdoor area: Limited tables in a nice area out the front
– Dedicated menu: Cocktails

Yet another awesome hidden gem comes in the form of the Jane Doe Bar. This spot is dedicated to bringing customers some of the best handcrafted drinks in Australia. They often post cool cocktails they’re working on their FB page here.

The spot is truly for all types of people, the velvet couches that are inside are perfect for those who just want to enjoy a drink and chill for a couple of hours. Their outdoor spot is nice and laid back for these warmer months as well, where you can cool down while having one of their happy hour drinks.

Somewhere Bar

– Address: 181 Chapel St
– Vibe: Thumping club vibes in bar form
– Live music: DJs, heavy electronic
– Dedicated menu: Alcohol

This place can actually seem chill on a weeknight, giving off the vibe that it’s for a work party or after dinner aperitif, but it gets really bloody busy on a Friday or Saturday night, filled with uni students and backpackers getting lit, or whatever they say these days.

They’ve got some solid weekly specials, to name a few, every Friday they’ve got $5 Friday, where, as the name suggests, they offer heaps of cheap stuff, $5 Wines, $5 Schooners and $5 Wet Pussy shots. They’ve got a heap more weekly deals which you can check out here.

The real focus in on curating an amazing drinks menu, so don’t have any food, but things like a lemon meringue cocktail, Rothbury estate wine, and a lot more that you can dive into here.

Three Monkeys

– Address: 210 Chapel St
– Vibe: Nice and laid back, can spend hours here
– Live music: DJs
– Outdoor area: Beer garden
– Dedicated menu: Alcohol

Three Monkeys is a hidden gem you probably wish you’d heard about earlier. Every day there’s something different and exciting happening. There’s also a bit of a weird novelty vibe: their overhead TV in the bar often plays a kid’s movie – most recently Shrek, which makes them a little enigmatic among the Prahran bars and pubs scene.

They’ve also got some regular fresh picks, these are drinks they recommend you try during a visit there – at the time of writing these are Tiger beer, Frozen Margaritas and Red Bull and Vodka, three amazing drinks that’ll definitely be enjoyable. Check out more of what drinks they offer here.

High Street

Harper Bar

– Address: 201/209 High St
– Vibe: Minimalistic
– Outdoor area: Laid back limited seating out front
– Dedicated menu: Cocktails

There’s only one thing you need to know about this spot – it’s happy hour every hour. That’s literally all their website says. Their minimalistic online presence means more time is spent creating a drinks list that customers love, and making sure they are providing the best service.

Their reviews are amazing, an average 4.7 Star rating, with many people speak highly of Harper Bar’s staff, their knowledgeable drink recommendations and amazing drink making ability has made Harper Bar one of Melbourne’s best. Check out some more photos of the spot on the socials link above.

Galah Boozery

– Address: 216 High St
– Vibe: Modern vibe
– Outdoor area: Laid back seating
– Dedicated menu: Aussie cuisine with fine dining vibe

Galah Bar is an awesome cocktail bar that’s bringing customers some of the coolest and quirkiest cocktails. Their website says their drinks list is ‘unlike any other’ which is definitely true; they’ve got some rare beers on taps like a Galah Draught, and Brooklyn Bel Air Sour.

On the cocktail side, they’ve got some cool Australian inspired cocktails like one cooled Australiano which has bitters, vermouth, plum bitters, soda and gum leaf, plus a heap more, check out the full drinks list here.

On the food side, they’ve got a menu that’s also Aussie inspired, most dishes featuring at least one Aussie ingredient; like a trout with Four Pillars gin, some Grilled Kangaroo, and even some tasty South Australian oysters.

Prahran’s best of the rest

White Oaks Saloon Bar and Dining

– Address: 115-117 Greville St
– Vibe: Hustle and bustle bar mixed with Mexican restaurant.
– Outdoor area: Limited seating out the front
– Dedicated menu: Mexican inspired

Based on name alone, White Oaks sounds like a spot straight out of an old school western movie. But it’s everything but that – it brings customers some of the coolest cocktails anywhere in Victoria, making it arguably the finest venue of our list of Prahran bars and pubs for cocktail lovers.

They’ve got a heap of awesome food too – lots of Mexican inspired things like tacos, chilli, ribs and lots more that you can check out here.

They’ve got some sick weekly specials too – every Monday you can grab 2 boilermakers for an easy $30, Tuesdays have margaritas for $16 and you can check out the rest of the awesome weekly deals here.

Bar Bianco

– Address: 508 Malvern St
– Vibe: Hidden gem with a fancy vibe
– Dedicated menu: Fancy fine dining finger food

This place is slowly becoming one of Melbourne’s best. It’s the brainchild of three of Melbourne’s greatest minds in the world of food and wine; Glen Bagnara, Phillipe Perrey and Marvin Tan, who each have many amazing credits from wine bars and top restaurants across Melbourne, so them working together truly ensures customers are having the best experience.

The food is fine dining-esque, the ‘bites’ section of their menu has fancy things like kingfish, ox tongue and ‘gambas nero’ which is a shrimp that has squid ink. This spot also does an a-la-carte menu that you need to book in advance, which you can do so here.

The Flying Duck Hotel

– Address: 67 Bendigo St
– Vibe: Nice and laid back
– Outdoor area: Plenty of great outdoor seating

– Dedicated menu: Amazing original menu

The Flying Duck Hotel brings the best of the local pub you grew up with and mixes it with styles that are getting popular in Melbourne, hence its inclusion among our Prahran bars and pubs favourites. There are a few different spots inside for you to enjoy a meal and bev in; there’s a front bar, main bar, lounge and duck room, the latter being the ideal spot for holding a party in.

The spaces don’t stop there, outside’s got a beer garden, a beer hall called the tent and an undercover area called the glass house, that will go down as possibly one of the nicest in Melbourne.

On the food side, they’ve got everything you’d expect, but with a cool twist – like a parma but eggplant, a pasta but prawn fettuccini, plus lots more you can check out here. Their ordinary parma is also a thing of beauty. So you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth here.

The Alps Wine Shop & Bar

– Address: 64 Commerical Rd
– Vibe: Old school fancy eating
– Live music: Classic
– Outdoor area: Laid back seating
– Dedicated menu: Finger food perfect for wine pairing

There’s nothing about this place that’ll make you want to chuck on your hiking gear, but their spot is massively influenced by their same named counterpart. Their wine list features a number of selections from around the European Alps; these are regions like Burgundy, Jura and Veneto. Their amazing array of wines can also be purchased in store as well, as its half bar half shop.

You can also grab some tasty food here too, perfect for pairing with their over 400 wines. These are things like soy mixes, prosciutto and even goats curd. They’ve also got some great function spaces so you can hold those many parties you missed out on during lockdown.

Babble Bar and Café

– Address: 4B Izett St
– Vibe: Café vibe
– Outdoor area: Laid back seating
– Dedicated menu: Café food, coffees, meals, and lots more

There’s not many spots on this list of Prahran bars and pubs that are a mix of a café and bar, but there’s one on Izett St called Babble Bar and Café. It’s an extremely laid back spot, where you can enjoy everything from a latte to a 1L Elder Flower Mojito for an easy $25.

On the food side, they have some great share platters like chips, gyozas, and ribs. Or if you’re not a fan of sharing, there’s some great main meals like Burgers, Parmas and Steaks, so there’s definitely something for everyone. To top off the great vibe throughout Babble bar, they’ve got some great outdoor tables that have made Babble Bar the awesome spot that it is.

Check out some more info on Babble Bar here.

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